Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer so far!

Really need to get better at this blogging malarkey!

Since finishing exams, my life seems to have improved by one million percent. First, I passed my driving test! And then, my best friend, who lives in Australia, arrived on the day of my last exam. I only see her once a year, so it was great that I got to get completely wasted with her (which I hadn't done for about 4 months!).

Quickly after that - 3 days to be precise - I was off to Glastonbury Festival. It was the best weekend of my life by far. A blog post isn't too far away...

After I got back from Glasto, I had to go back to college for a couple of weeks (not that I went really). In this time I was meant to be sorting out visiting unis, knowing what I will be applying to in November, basically sorting out my life.

That didn't happen.

At the end of term, my college does this totally pointless thing where you have to spend a week doing work-that-doesn't-actually-apply-to-anything-but-does-because-they-need-everyone-to-have-more-college-hours. It's called 'wider skills week'. But luckily for me, instead of learning how to play bridge or learn latin for four days, I got to go to Italy for a Geography trip. And it was awesome (again, a blog post is coming).

Four days after that I was off to Croatia with my best pals for a lads on tour kind of holiday. And I have to say it was the funniest week of my life. It has made me really want to go interrailing next summer, because there are ways of doing it so cheaply.

Anyway, this post is really just to get myself back into blogging! I have so much more to write and organise now... Here we go I guess!

Pocky xx

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