Saturday, 24 May 2014

Watermelon inside a watermeloooooon

Eyop those of the internet!
Today I had the super anti-climax you get when you get home and the parcel you were waiting for isn't there. But then I discovered that actually, it had arrived, but my dog had stolen the package and taken it outside in the rain! Bloody idiot. Luckily it had plastic packaging so no damage was done.

I saw this watermelon crochet bralet thing on some model's Instagram. She wore it to Coachella and I fell deeply in love. So I desperately searched the internet in hope of finding one for myself, only to discover that to get my true love I was going to have to pay £50. Nah. Not happening.

But then I discovered the wonders and joys of Etsy. If you don't know what it is, it's a sight sort of like eBay, but where people sell their arty crafty home made things. I found the exact same bralet, but for around £15. And it's lovely! I can tell that time and talent has gone into this beauty, and it's fabulous quality means that it will last for a long, long time.

 (please ignore my super messy room!)

I'm gonna team it with some cute high waisted shorts for Glastonbury, which is coming up very soon. I can't wait!

Half way through my exams now, so when I have more time I am going to put some real time into this blog.

Pock xx

(PS if you don't get the title of my post, it's a hilarious youtube clip you need to check out. Like now...)

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