Thursday, 31 July 2014

10 Reasons Why Glastonbury Is The Best Festival EVER

I'm no festival expert. At all really. My experience consists of: Latitude, Isle of Wight, Reading, Wireless and Hyde Park Calling. But I am certain that Glastonbury is the best festival in the world. How do I know this? 
- Because this year I bloody well went.
- Because all these hard-core festival goers who I met there told me so.

So here is my list of the 10 reasons why it is the best fest ever...

1. There is something for everyone:
Whether you are a male, female, old, young, a drug addict (I was offered acid about 18 times), a monk, a hipster, a raver, even a baby, there will be so many things there that you really want to do. Of course there are all the stages, so whatever music you're into there is always going to be something that you'll enjoy. But as well as that, there are so many other awesome things to explore. For example, if you are severely hungover, you can go to the Tipi Field to just chill out. I met a man, and sat in his tipi with my friends, who had lived in a tipi for 35 years. Now, he may have been very high, but I came out of the tipi feeling refreshed and healed of my hangover. 
To be honest, even the kids field looked pretty cool. There are also loads of arts and crafts areas, where you can do stuff like make your own jewellery. Of course there are all the crazy areas, but I will touch on them a little later.

It's something I severely suffered from at Reading. I couldn't go to any stage without being pulled into a dark pit of testosterone and beer. Even at The Lumineers and The 1975 people were bloody moshing! That is what's great about Glasto - I didn't witness moshing once. And at some bands I was expecting it. I think the only place where there was moshing was at Kasabian, where they asked the crowd to mosh. But in my eyes, the less moshing the better!

3. The festivities continue all night:
I found, particuarly at Reading, the whole craziness of the event stopped when the music stopped. There were a few silent discos, but the queues for them took hours, and once you were in there they weren't really all that fun. 
At Glasto, however, nothing stops. Ever. After the music has finished, there are so many things left to do. For example, Arcadia (a massive arena thing with a huge metal spider with a DJ deck in the middle, with fire and stuff) had a Disclosure DJ set at 2 am. There was also another area called Block 9, which was basically a huge outdoor club. They also brought in a huge council estate building, and put a club inside of it. Block 9 carried on until the sun came up. 
The infamous Rabbit Hole was also a lot of fun. Again, it had lots of DJ's that carried on until the early hours. This was also a celebrity hotspot - I got to dance with the lead singer of The Kooks!

4. The community:
I don't know what it was, but everyone at Glastonbury was so... So... Nice! Considering that everyone - like you - haven't slept for 3 days, experiencing the worst hangover ever and lacking in any good vitamins from eating so badly, everyone is very friendly. I had to get a 5 hour coach journey to the festival on my own, as I booked my ticket separately to my friends. I was anxious about this, but everyone made me feel so comfortable. It's like everyone respects eachother for going to such an amazing event. 
I also felt very safe all weekend. At Reading and Isle of Wight I was very aware of people reaching for my bag, and coming back to my tent to find evidence of people being in there. At Glastonbury there was none of this. It's very refreshing if you come from London, like me. It takes a while to accustom to people being nice to eachother!

5. The food:
Now we all know that festival food is nothing to be excited about. It may taste great when you're wasted, but when you're not, you realise just how much stalls rip you off for food that would've only cost them 20p! At Glasto, I had some great meals that I really enjoyed. And some of it was actually healthy! They had salad stands, and other healthy options, which came as a nice break from pizza and chinese food. I mean it must be good, as I saw MIC's Phoebe Lettice tucking into a chicken mayo pitta.

6. Secret places:
There are lots of very 'hush hush' areas of Glastonbury. A lot of the time I thought they were myths, but when you find the place you're looking for, it lives up to expectation. For example, me and my boyfriend at 3am spent an hour looking for the secret underground Piano Bar. Eventually, after toiling with a man tripping on acid for a while, we found it. I felt like I was in Lord Of The Rings! You had to crawl through a tunnel to reach the small bar, with a stage with one piano and a huge vintage megaphone. There were tiny seats around the sides and above the bar, very similar to the bar in Lord Of The Rings.
There are loads of other secret places to find in Glastonbury, which adds to the excitement of it all.

7. The lineup:
Although I wasn't totally thrilled about the lineup before I got there this year, it was actually amazing. There are just so many people to see that it is impossible to see everyone you want. I got into bands I hadn't heard of before, as well as seeing people who I really wanted to see. Basically, every year Glastonbury manage to pull off the best lineup. And long may it reign.

8. Getting to the front:
You wouldn't think it, but getting to the front - or near it at least - is pretty easy. Although sometimes people can be reluctant to move, overall I found that people didn't really mind. Unlike other festivals, everyone likes to have a bit of space surrounding them, which means that you can actually breathe! It made my experience a lot more enjoyable as it was less likely for people to get pulled away in the crowds and lost from the group, and you actually had a bit of space to bust a move. 

9. Shelter:
A festival isn't a festival without rain. But instead of getting drenched every other hour, there was loads of places you could shelter at Glastonbury whilst getting an experience too. For example, the John Peel Stage was a haven for me - I got to see the Crystal Fighters and hide from the rain. Yay!

10. Shangri La:
Half heaven, half hell. All night long parties at the coolest - and sometimes trippy-est - place at Glastonbury. You walk into this place, and on one side you have a hell side themed area, with bars and DJ's, and the other side you have the same but heaven themed. It is honestly the coolest place and to me represents what Glastonbury is all about - crazy people, crazy place and crazy fun. 

So overall... You should go! I cannot wait to go next year. 
Make sure you register soon to get tickets in the winter time. If you don't manage to get them then, fear not, as there is a re sale in the spring too. I got resale tickets and it wasn't too hard.

Bring on Glasto '15!

Pocky xx

PS here are some snaps 

Me in the tipi

Summer so far!

Really need to get better at this blogging malarkey!

Since finishing exams, my life seems to have improved by one million percent. First, I passed my driving test! And then, my best friend, who lives in Australia, arrived on the day of my last exam. I only see her once a year, so it was great that I got to get completely wasted with her (which I hadn't done for about 4 months!).

Quickly after that - 3 days to be precise - I was off to Glastonbury Festival. It was the best weekend of my life by far. A blog post isn't too far away...

After I got back from Glasto, I had to go back to college for a couple of weeks (not that I went really). In this time I was meant to be sorting out visiting unis, knowing what I will be applying to in November, basically sorting out my life.

That didn't happen.

At the end of term, my college does this totally pointless thing where you have to spend a week doing work-that-doesn't-actually-apply-to-anything-but-does-because-they-need-everyone-to-have-more-college-hours. It's called 'wider skills week'. But luckily for me, instead of learning how to play bridge or learn latin for four days, I got to go to Italy for a Geography trip. And it was awesome (again, a blog post is coming).

Four days after that I was off to Croatia with my best pals for a lads on tour kind of holiday. And I have to say it was the funniest week of my life. It has made me really want to go interrailing next summer, because there are ways of doing it so cheaply.

Anyway, this post is really just to get myself back into blogging! I have so much more to write and organise now... Here we go I guess!

Pocky xx

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Watermelon inside a watermeloooooon

Eyop those of the internet!
Today I had the super anti-climax you get when you get home and the parcel you were waiting for isn't there. But then I discovered that actually, it had arrived, but my dog had stolen the package and taken it outside in the rain! Bloody idiot. Luckily it had plastic packaging so no damage was done.

I saw this watermelon crochet bralet thing on some model's Instagram. She wore it to Coachella and I fell deeply in love. So I desperately searched the internet in hope of finding one for myself, only to discover that to get my true love I was going to have to pay £50. Nah. Not happening.

But then I discovered the wonders and joys of Etsy. If you don't know what it is, it's a sight sort of like eBay, but where people sell their arty crafty home made things. I found the exact same bralet, but for around £15. And it's lovely! I can tell that time and talent has gone into this beauty, and it's fabulous quality means that it will last for a long, long time.

 (please ignore my super messy room!)

I'm gonna team it with some cute high waisted shorts for Glastonbury, which is coming up very soon. I can't wait!

Half way through my exams now, so when I have more time I am going to put some real time into this blog.

Pock xx

(PS if you don't get the title of my post, it's a hilarious youtube clip you need to check out. Like now...)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Best Pizza In London

I love pizza. It is 100% my favourite food, and I can happily say I could eat it for the rest of my life. There is so much variety that it could never get boring! As a pizza-holic, I would say that I am an experienced pizza restaurant go-er, having been to loads of different places across London. And last week I discovered my absolute favourite....

Pizza Pilgrims is on Dean Street in Soho. It is the cutest little restaurant with only 8 seats upstairs and around 40 downstairs. And the food is totally delicious. The pizza recipes derive from Naples, and I think that is why it tastes so beautiful. They have fresh ingredients, and even make the pizzas before your eyes. The buffalo mozzarella is totally amazing!

I ordered this pizza, which has a topping of n'duja spicy sausage. The tomato sauce is made fresh daily, so it was full of flavour. I prefer a greater tomato to cheese ratio, so it was perfect for me. And it only cost around £8! My boyfriend and I went there for our two year anniversary, and had two pizzas, two starters and a drink, coming to a total of £32. It is amazing value and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a good pizza place, as well as getting a chance to check out Soho.

I have found some other restaurants that I am keen to check out, so can't wait to visit them and spend even more time in my wonderful city.

Pocky xx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

All things Pokemon!

So I've been very busy revising lately (unfortunately) and I've basically been going pretty mental. Because I have been at the library all day every day, I have improved considerably at procrastinating.

So I have mainly been avoiding work by looking at eBay and Aliexpress. Aliexpress is basically the Chinese version of eBay, and it is absolutely A M A Z I N G. It is sooooo cheap! You can get copies of things in high street shops for so much cheaper. I have ordered a few things so I am really looking forward for them to come (especially the fake Triangl bikini!).

I have also become a little obsessed with O-mighty, which is so cool. Its so kooky but quite expensive, and seeing as I'm completely broke I can't get anything. So, I decided to make some things inspired by O-mighty myself. I am so proud of it!

I love this shirt so much! I have cut it into a crop so it is perfect for summer.

I made both the squirtle top and this pikachu top by using tshirt transfers. I basically just printed them off and ironed them on. It's so easy, and super fun to create something yourself. I bought the cheap tshirts from Tesco, so all together the shirts cost around £3 each to make. So it's perfect if you're poor like me!

Now back to revision...

Love, Pocky xx

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Long Distance Call

Todays post is named after one of my favourite songs by Phoenix (who are the best by the way). It is also what is going to be happening a lot after September, which I don't really know how to feel about...

By the end of September, my boyfriend of currently two years will be leaving me for university. When we started seeing eachother, nothing ever crossed my mind of something getting in the way of our relationship. I've been dreading the idea of him moving away for almost a year now, but it has become something I have had to just accept. I couldn't and wouldn't ever stop him from doing what he wants to do, it's just unfortunate that we aren't doing it at the same time.

Although he is planning on going to a uni that is only 2 hours away, which doesn't seem all that long, I realise what I am going to be sacrificing for us to stay together. I'm planning on driving down to see him whenever I can (preferably once every week and a half), but 2 hours out of my A level year is going to be a bit of a task. I will obviously prioritise my work, but it will be difficult without my bestfriend and boyfriend being close by to support me.

I think the thing that worries me the most is whether I am the only one who wants to keep this relationship going. I know he says and feels that he wants to stay together, but its a big lifestyle change, and he might want start his new life on his own. 

It seems a shame that I am becoming upset about an something that hasn't even happened yet, but it is just always in the back of my mind.

I hope everything works out ok...
Pocky x

Thursday, 10 April 2014

It's been a while...

Indeed it has been a long while since my last blog post, I have just been so busy with... Well, life!

I have been lucky enough to have met my beautiful baby cousin, Ines, while I haven't been blogging. She is absolutely adorable and I have never felt the connection that I have with her before. I love her so much, but feel like I have a huge responsibility!

eBay has unfortunately been taking up an unfortunately quite significant amount of my time recently. I thought it would be a good idea to download the eBay app - and my God, don't do it! I am constantly flicking through and finding things that are going for 99p. So I bid and I win them for a quid or something, but of course there's the postage and packaging that adds on a few more pounds. And if you're like me (who bought 8 things in a day off eBay), your bank account will have a heart attack. So don't download it, for your own sake.

It's that time of year again - exam period. I am working really hard as I really want to do well in these exams. Hopefully it will pay off. Last year I think I over worked myself, and I got very stressed. So this year I started revising much earlier, to try and make myself feel more confident (which I do). I am also trying to keep myself busy in the evenings. I am about to start watching Breaking Bad properly, which I am looking forward to. Baking is also taking over my evenings. I made these muffins today which are low fat and scrummy...

It's super sunny in London at the moment, and you can tell because people are actually smiling! It doesn't happen a lot, especially on the tube, but I am enjoying everyone else's happiness.

Enjoy your week!

Pocky x