Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Best Pizza In London

I love pizza. It is 100% my favourite food, and I can happily say I could eat it for the rest of my life. There is so much variety that it could never get boring! As a pizza-holic, I would say that I am an experienced pizza restaurant go-er, having been to loads of different places across London. And last week I discovered my absolute favourite....

Pizza Pilgrims is on Dean Street in Soho. It is the cutest little restaurant with only 8 seats upstairs and around 40 downstairs. And the food is totally delicious. The pizza recipes derive from Naples, and I think that is why it tastes so beautiful. They have fresh ingredients, and even make the pizzas before your eyes. The buffalo mozzarella is totally amazing!

I ordered this pizza, which has a topping of n'duja spicy sausage. The tomato sauce is made fresh daily, so it was full of flavour. I prefer a greater tomato to cheese ratio, so it was perfect for me. And it only cost around £8! My boyfriend and I went there for our two year anniversary, and had two pizzas, two starters and a drink, coming to a total of £32. It is amazing value and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a good pizza place, as well as getting a chance to check out Soho.

I have found some other restaurants that I am keen to check out, so can't wait to visit them and spend even more time in my wonderful city.

Pocky xx

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