Tuesday, 20 May 2014

All things Pokemon!

So I've been very busy revising lately (unfortunately) and I've basically been going pretty mental. Because I have been at the library all day every day, I have improved considerably at procrastinating.

So I have mainly been avoiding work by looking at eBay and Aliexpress. Aliexpress is basically the Chinese version of eBay, and it is absolutely A M A Z I N G. It is sooooo cheap! You can get copies of things in high street shops for so much cheaper. I have ordered a few things so I am really looking forward for them to come (especially the fake Triangl bikini!).

I have also become a little obsessed with O-mighty, which is so cool. Its so kooky but quite expensive, and seeing as I'm completely broke I can't get anything. So, I decided to make some things inspired by O-mighty myself. I am so proud of it!

I love this shirt so much! I have cut it into a crop so it is perfect for summer.

I made both the squirtle top and this pikachu top by using tshirt transfers. I basically just printed them off and ironed them on. It's so easy, and super fun to create something yourself. I bought the cheap tshirts from Tesco, so all together the shirts cost around £3 each to make. So it's perfect if you're poor like me!

Now back to revision...

Love, Pocky xx

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