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10 Reasons Why Glastonbury Is The Best Festival EVER

I'm no festival expert. At all really. My experience consists of: Latitude, Isle of Wight, Reading, Wireless and Hyde Park Calling. But I am certain that Glastonbury is the best festival in the world. How do I know this? 
- Because this year I bloody well went.
- Because all these hard-core festival goers who I met there told me so.

So here is my list of the 10 reasons why it is the best fest ever...

1. There is something for everyone:
Whether you are a male, female, old, young, a drug addict (I was offered acid about 18 times), a monk, a hipster, a raver, even a baby, there will be so many things there that you really want to do. Of course there are all the stages, so whatever music you're into there is always going to be something that you'll enjoy. But as well as that, there are so many other awesome things to explore. For example, if you are severely hungover, you can go to the Tipi Field to just chill out. I met a man, and sat in his tipi with my friends, who had lived in a tipi for 35 years. Now, he may have been very high, but I came out of the tipi feeling refreshed and healed of my hangover. 
To be honest, even the kids field looked pretty cool. There are also loads of arts and crafts areas, where you can do stuff like make your own jewellery. Of course there are all the crazy areas, but I will touch on them a little later.

It's something I severely suffered from at Reading. I couldn't go to any stage without being pulled into a dark pit of testosterone and beer. Even at The Lumineers and The 1975 people were bloody moshing! That is what's great about Glasto - I didn't witness moshing once. And at some bands I was expecting it. I think the only place where there was moshing was at Kasabian, where they asked the crowd to mosh. But in my eyes, the less moshing the better!

3. The festivities continue all night:
I found, particuarly at Reading, the whole craziness of the event stopped when the music stopped. There were a few silent discos, but the queues for them took hours, and once you were in there they weren't really all that fun. 
At Glasto, however, nothing stops. Ever. After the music has finished, there are so many things left to do. For example, Arcadia (a massive arena thing with a huge metal spider with a DJ deck in the middle, with fire and stuff) had a Disclosure DJ set at 2 am. There was also another area called Block 9, which was basically a huge outdoor club. They also brought in a huge council estate building, and put a club inside of it. Block 9 carried on until the sun came up. 
The infamous Rabbit Hole was also a lot of fun. Again, it had lots of DJ's that carried on until the early hours. This was also a celebrity hotspot - I got to dance with the lead singer of The Kooks!

4. The community:
I don't know what it was, but everyone at Glastonbury was so... So... Nice! Considering that everyone - like you - haven't slept for 3 days, experiencing the worst hangover ever and lacking in any good vitamins from eating so badly, everyone is very friendly. I had to get a 5 hour coach journey to the festival on my own, as I booked my ticket separately to my friends. I was anxious about this, but everyone made me feel so comfortable. It's like everyone respects eachother for going to such an amazing event. 
I also felt very safe all weekend. At Reading and Isle of Wight I was very aware of people reaching for my bag, and coming back to my tent to find evidence of people being in there. At Glastonbury there was none of this. It's very refreshing if you come from London, like me. It takes a while to accustom to people being nice to eachother!

5. The food:
Now we all know that festival food is nothing to be excited about. It may taste great when you're wasted, but when you're not, you realise just how much stalls rip you off for food that would've only cost them 20p! At Glasto, I had some great meals that I really enjoyed. And some of it was actually healthy! They had salad stands, and other healthy options, which came as a nice break from pizza and chinese food. I mean it must be good, as I saw MIC's Phoebe Lettice tucking into a chicken mayo pitta.

6. Secret places:
There are lots of very 'hush hush' areas of Glastonbury. A lot of the time I thought they were myths, but when you find the place you're looking for, it lives up to expectation. For example, me and my boyfriend at 3am spent an hour looking for the secret underground Piano Bar. Eventually, after toiling with a man tripping on acid for a while, we found it. I felt like I was in Lord Of The Rings! You had to crawl through a tunnel to reach the small bar, with a stage with one piano and a huge vintage megaphone. There were tiny seats around the sides and above the bar, very similar to the bar in Lord Of The Rings.
There are loads of other secret places to find in Glastonbury, which adds to the excitement of it all.

7. The lineup:
Although I wasn't totally thrilled about the lineup before I got there this year, it was actually amazing. There are just so many people to see that it is impossible to see everyone you want. I got into bands I hadn't heard of before, as well as seeing people who I really wanted to see. Basically, every year Glastonbury manage to pull off the best lineup. And long may it reign.

8. Getting to the front:
You wouldn't think it, but getting to the front - or near it at least - is pretty easy. Although sometimes people can be reluctant to move, overall I found that people didn't really mind. Unlike other festivals, everyone likes to have a bit of space surrounding them, which means that you can actually breathe! It made my experience a lot more enjoyable as it was less likely for people to get pulled away in the crowds and lost from the group, and you actually had a bit of space to bust a move. 

9. Shelter:
A festival isn't a festival without rain. But instead of getting drenched every other hour, there was loads of places you could shelter at Glastonbury whilst getting an experience too. For example, the John Peel Stage was a haven for me - I got to see the Crystal Fighters and hide from the rain. Yay!

10. Shangri La:
Half heaven, half hell. All night long parties at the coolest - and sometimes trippy-est - place at Glastonbury. You walk into this place, and on one side you have a hell side themed area, with bars and DJ's, and the other side you have the same but heaven themed. It is honestly the coolest place and to me represents what Glastonbury is all about - crazy people, crazy place and crazy fun. 

So overall... You should go! I cannot wait to go next year. 
Make sure you register soon to get tickets in the winter time. If you don't manage to get them then, fear not, as there is a re sale in the spring too. I got resale tickets and it wasn't too hard.

Bring on Glasto '15!

Pocky xx

PS here are some snaps 

Me in the tipi

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