Monday, 3 February 2014

Glorious Gatsby

After watching Baz Luhrmann's epic The Great Gatsby for the 7th time on the weekend, I am more in love with it than ever. The acting, Leonardo DiCaprio, the soundtrack, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the directing are all marvellous - and did I mention Leonardo DiCaprio?

But one of the greatest things about the film in my opinion is the set and the costumes. They are divine and I adore all of the art deco style that covers Jay Gatsby's house (the ballroom floor is absolutely beautiful!). The costumes however definitely take centre stage, with Carey Mulligan looking flawless with that cute twenties hair do and smothered in sequins.

So when I popped into Miss Selfridge I couldn't resist treating myself to a few twenties treats. I got this dazzling flapper dress, £95 down to £25! I was over the moon. 

It has such beautiful detail and has a lovely weight to it when on. Some of the sequins have fallen off but it's hardly noticeable, so I guess if I really wanted to I could just quickly sew some back on.

I also got this cute little cami top, also from Miss Selfridge, for only £15. The light blue colour doesn't really show well in the photos, but it is another great piece that I can't wait to wear.

I am desperate to go to a 1920's themed party, and now I have the perfect outfit to wear! Maybe for my eighteenth... 

Pocky x

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