Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Spring time steals

Whenever I am anywhere near a Zara my instincts guide me there immediately - I cannot get enough of it! Although all the items are generally on the pricey side, I have always managed to find some gems in their sales. And todays trip into my local store did not disappoint.

Zara's clothes are beautiful. They have a eclectic mix of of elegant, quirky, basic and bold styles of clothing, which means that there's a perfect item for everyone.

I have been wanting a pencil skirt for a while now, as I love the classy look they can add to an outfit. This stunning purple and orangey-pink flower number instantly caught my eye, and for only £10 (down from £25!) I could not resist.

I can't wait to wear this skirt out, and the bright colours means that I will definitely be wearing it in the summer time. As you know I love my flower patterns so this is another to add to my collection!

Ranglan shirts are very popular at the moment, and I have been looking for one for ages that's not too expensive. After Phoebe Lettice, star of Made in Chelsea, wore one I have been eager to find one to call my own.

(sorry for the shit picture!)

I got this shirt from Primark for £4 and it is exactly what I was looking for. Although Primark generally isn't great quality, the shirt doesn't look too cheap and is thicker than most of the other shirts available in store. I am going to make sure to hand wash it so it lasts longer. 

I am loving sheer material at the moment, and found this gem in the Zara sale for only £1.99!

The sheer shoulders make an outfit look cool and the deep blue colour means that it goes with literally anything. Bargain!

I definitely need to stop spending as I have very little money due to my summer holidays I have planned. Hoping the weather gets better before then...

Pocky x

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