Wednesday, 5 February 2014



Today I have had a whole day at the library (still here...) so this morning I wanted to wear something comfy yet still cool and chic.

These are my favourite leggings, I got them from TJ Maxx when I was in New York for $4.99! I have never heard of the make before, but they are thick which is great for the freezing weather here in London. I also love the pattern - I'm not quite sure what is it but I get a kind of celtic vibe from it. 

Of course the reason I got them is because of the lush purple colour. It looks slightly different in the two photos but it's a nice dark lilac. I also wore my Supergra's today, which I thought looked good with the purple. Supergra's are so comfortable and also affordable. I got mine last year from TK Maxx for £19.99, and even after wearing them a lot they have lasted which I'm impressed with.

I definitely need some more leggings for the exam period, as they are so much more comfortable than jeans and if you get the right pair can make an easy going but nice outfit.

Pocky x

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