Sunday, 19 January 2014

Topshop steals!

Hello again!

After going into London yesterday, I couldn't help but treating myself to some goodies in the Topshop sale.

As we all know, Topshop has become ridiculously expensive, even with the student discount. Everything is very overpriced, so I only buy things from there when they put on one of their fantastic sales.

Teddy bear coats are quite popular at the moment, with Kim Kardashian and one of my style icons Alexa Chung both wearing them. I was lucky enough to find one of the last teddy fur pea coats (which have a slightly different material than the classic teddy bear coat) for £40 down from £79 yesterday! 

I love the soft material of the coat, it really does feel like a teddy bear. The vibrant blue colour goes with most of my wardrobe, so I will definitely be wearing it non stop. It's also, unlike lots of coats I've previously bought at Topshop, very warm. With this very on and off weather we're having, it's a perfect winter coat that will brighten up your outfit.

The inside is lined with a comfortable silky material, and it's fitted so doesn't look baggy or anything. I love it!

I also treated myself to these cute little Polar Bear socks, which were only a pound! 
The Topshop sale is brilliant for cute little pants and socks, as they get reduced to £3-£1 and they are of a much better quality than the ones sold in Primark for the same price.

So all together I spent £41, but I got another £4.10 off with my student discount. Because the sale is almost coming to an end, lots of items are getting reduced even more, so go and have a look to see what steals you can find!

Pocky x

P.S. The teddy fur pea coat comes in lots of different colours. Here is the white one if you are interested: 

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